Where I Stand

Balanced Budgets

Wisconsin has spoken – we want a balanced budget.  We want leaders who do what they said they were going to do.  We want spending brought back under control, and honest zero-based budgeting principles – not the old gimmicks.

In the past two sessions I have voted for budgets that have taken us from a 3.6 billion dollar deficit to ending the current fiscal year on June 30,2014 with a 513 million dollar surplus. We have the largest Rainy Day fund in decades.

For the first time in over a decade, state spending has been brought back in line with the taxpayers’ ability to pay.  The state has paid back long-standing debts, and can look to the future with a fresh perspective.  I will continue to vote against wasteful spending, and to work for a smaller, more effective state government.

Jobs and the Economy in Wisconsin

Government doesn’t create jobs; people do.  Too often, government regulations and taxes put our businesses at a competitive disadvantage.  In my business as a home inspector, I know firsthand how frustrating the bureaucratic red tape and unnecessary hoops to jump through can be for Wisconsin’s job creators.  The ingenuity and work ethic of our state are truly unsurpassed.  I will continue to work for pro-growth policies that will allow our workforce to thrive.


We must reduce the tax burden on Wisconsin’s job creators, families, and seniors.  I believe people should have the ability to keep more of their own hard-earned income, and not be forced to overpay into government coffers to support unwanted programs and bureaucracy.

This past session, we were able to achieve progress on property tax relief.  For the first time in over a dozen years, the statewide property tax on a median value home declined.  This is a step in the right direction, but we have a long road to travel and I will continue to fight for lower taxes and responsible spending.


In today’s global economy, our students must have the skills to compete.  There is no better investment, than in the future of our children.  The 21st Century world has brought incredible change to industry, technology, and daily life.  Yet, our state’s school system continues to follow an outdated 1900’s model of educating.  We must adapt innovative practices, such as increased technology in classrooms and alternative learning opportunities.

I believe parents are the best advocates for their own child, and should be empowered to make the school choices that are best for their family.  I will continue to stand for increased accountability in our schools, and work to identify new ways to help our students compete.